It’s no secret that quinoa is a superfood, hailed as a gluten-free and protein-packed nutritious grain substitute. However, its benefits far surpass its edible seeds.

The vegetable protein in quinoa, which uniquely contains all nine essential amino acids, is a natural strengthener that coats and protects the shaft of hair. Quinoa contains about 16 percent protein, which is one of the highest levels among the world’s grains. Because of the high-percentage and complexity of protein levels, these nutrients can be extracted from the grain to produce salon-quality hair products.

Hydrolyzed quinoa protein, which is extracted from this super crop, is a natural and gentle coating that protects and nourishes hair. Not only do the amino acids coat and strengthen the hair, but they also work to repair damage and aid in hair growth. Aesthetically, the protein also encourages sheen and gives hair an overall silky and shiny look.

Quinoa also contains significant levels of essential nutrients Calcium, Iron and Phosphorous. When hydrolyzed, the quinoa promotes hydration on the scalp and skin. Products that use hydrolyzed quinoa can aid in flaky or dry scalp and give your scalp and hair its healthy, soft feeling back.